I was first turned on to 070 by my friend Mina, who described her music as fluid and genre-less (S/O Mina), and recently reminded of her brilliance by my roommate (S/O roommate). For that, I am very appreciative.

The New Jersey-based rapper Danielle Balbuena aka 070 Shake (070 referencing her NJ zip code) makes a living off drawing you in with one of the most unique voices in music. Couple that with her signature shadowy melodies and you’ve got a hit.

Her 2019 album Modus Vivendi does a great job at showcasing her range – you’ll get a song like “Guilty Conscience” which sounds like very alt-electronic (kind of Tame Impala-y) and then a song like “Morrow” which enters into more of a moody, emo-rap Weeknd sound. Which is why it’s my favorite song on the already-stacked album.

The track focuses on a broken relationship told from both 1st and 3rd person, an aspect that turns the simple song into a more complex narrative. I love 070 because she never sugar-coats how she views an experience, a relationship, or life in general. “Morrow” gives us a front seat to her own introspection. This could very well be a tool she’s picked up from the master of self-reflection and long time mentor: Kayne West. I was reading an interview about how these 2 got acquainted with each other and it made me appreciate her even more. Soon after Shake started to get noticed she told her representation she was never sign with a record label…..unless it was Kanye’s GOOD Music. A few weeks later she got the call. Since then, she’s worked on numerous projects with Yeezy (her most recent appearance is on “Ghost Town”off of ye). How badass is that?!

Be sure to check out the whole album. If you want more Shake, check out “My Night” off of Keys and Krates album Cura. Probably my favorite 070 track. Enjoy!