L.O.V.E Culture chats why “L.O.V.E”, their brand new album, and what to look out for in the future

Imagine jumping in a studio with your best friends to simply creative whatever comes to mind. Welcome to the life of 7-piece collective L.O.V.E Culture.

The group is home to frontmen/woman Rob Mari, Che, Flash, EASYin2D, SpiritXIII and DJs DJ Larry Love and TrashBeatsAlan, all who randomly met performing on the same show bill. Talk about fate? The name “L.O.V.E” infers League fo Vibrant Energies, meaning all members are working to accomplish something greater than just themselves. “We really believe in creating from a place of selflessness and being inspired, challenged, encouraged, all openly and freely” – Che

LC has seen continued success through their 2 EPs (VOL. 1 & VOL. 2) and looks to keep that train going with their brand new, debut album “1827 N Pearl” (I’ll let them talk about the name in the Q&A below). The album features their hit single “RUN UP A CHECK” with an action-packed accompanying music video (linked below). The message I get from listening to “1827 N Pearl”? Never forget where you started from because it will have a lasting impact on your current and future successes. I think LC would agree with me on that much…

I got to sit down with LC Frontwoman Che to chat about the group’s backstory and the whirlwind that’s happening right now. A huge thank you to her for taking the time out of her recording schedule!

Exclusive interview below!

L.O.V.E Culture how’s it going? Thanks for chatting with Deviate?

Peace family! We appreciate you for reaching out to us and wanting to learn more about the culture. We’re honored.

Who are we speaking with currently? It’s not often you get to work with a 7-piece collective, let alone interview them.

Frontwmxn Ché here. It’s a pleasure to chat with you, these answers are certainly from all of us, but I’m here to break it down for y’all. 

We need to start from the beginning… how did this group originally come together and who out of the group was the catalyst?

Originally we all met up, while performing on a bill. Rob Mari and Kyle Dorrell (our videographer, Weighed Sailor) put together a show and ironically placed all of us on the bill. Needless to say, it was a great night and eventually Rob asked all of us to come work on his album as features. Fall/winter of 2016 was us writing together, getting to know each other and creating what became our first underground release, “Fluidity”, unintentionally, ha. Records from Rob’s album ended up becoming LC cuts. We ended up just becoming a collective, organically and just kept growing from there. None of us had any idea what was to come, we just went when the flow and it just all started coming together. We didn’t even have a name at the time. 

Let’s talk about the group name. “L.O.V.E Culture” … L.O.V.E stands for what?

“League of Vibrant Energies” – this came from Rob Mari’s take on the “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”  – but it describes us and our individual contribution to a vision that is bigger than us. The acronym also spells out, LOVE which is the main component of our brand. We believe in collaboration and tribe in a culture of self- preservation and self interest. We really believe in creating from a place of selflessness and being inspired, challenged, encouraged, all openly and freely. We are all individual artists in our own right, and encourage each other’s endeavors as well. We created a whole atmosphere in LOVE Culture and we’re proud to have such a connected network within what we built. One of my favorite things to do is encourage people to “make dope shit with your friends.” Because you never know what could come from it. 

I love that motto! A lot of people can learn from that message.

We’ve been jamming “Don’t Matter” religiously, which came off last year’s “Vol 2”. What about that record’s success has pushed you to continue crafting your own unique sound? 

I would definitely say it continued to inspire our melodies, for sure. When you’re a rap collective, they automatically throw you in a bag with Wu or more recently, Griselda (Who we are both BIG fans of, btw) but what makes us stand out is our love and use of melodies, and translating it into something high energy. All of us are lyricists and songwriters, from the hook to the bar, you know? We all approach songs from a limitless perspective which has allowed us to expand melodically without sacrificing quality lyricism. “Don’t Matter” is a great example of that, and it’s success is a direct reflection. 

Which brings us to your brand shiny new DEBUT ALBUM “1827 N Pearl”. You have to fill us in on the name.

So, remember that show I mentioned earlier? That’s the address of the venue, lol. 1827 N PEARL was this spot that was called “The Birdhouse” and it used to host local shows. That show changed all of our lives, man. My daughters have bonus uncles because of that show, you know?  We’ve become a real family because of it. One random show changed the trajectory of our lives, and we wanted to pay homage by giving it our title crown. 

We know the album is led by your hit single “RUN UP A CHECK”… what other tracks do you think will stand out to the audience (besides all of them)?

Some of our favorites are “2 pillars, Untitled II, Down, Life and Death, 8th Street- it really is hard not to say “all of em” but if I had to choose, to me, these records encapsulate our unique sound, and deliver it really well. 

What can we expect from L.O.V.E Culture in the near future?  

More life! Emphasis on more visuals, as well as music. We’re excited to get back touring again and doing shows. We’ve got some exciting things to announce on the back end as well, but you’ll have to stay tuned for that. 

Where can people learn more about the mission of LC?

You can find us on Instagram: @weareloveculture , Twitter: @weare_LC , website : weareloveculture.com And if you just want to hear our mission through song, stream us! L.O.V.E. Culture.

As our final question, we have to ask: who out of the group is notoriously late to recording sessions (there’s 0% chance a group of 7 can ALL be on time)?

Lmfao. We’ve all had our moments- it’s usually with Spirit and Flash is always there first, Easy is always the first to leave, but if we’re talking lateness- I’m looking at myself, LOL. But I can promise you I’ll write a great verse on the spot and still handle my business! 

A BIG thank you to Che for catching up with us and conveying the group’s thoughts. We can’t wait for the album to hit the public’s ears and watch the group grow!

L.O.V.E Culture is indeed collectively a Deviate