I knew very quickly that this site would serve 2 main purposes. The first is very simple: to share and spread great music. The second is to help artists gain the recognition they deserve. Even if only 10 people visit this blog, I would feel both have been served.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved finding new music. From listening to the NOW CDs in the car to scouring sites like GMAD and TSIS…it was the hunt that intrigued me. I vividly remember finding a song on Limewire, syncing up my white Ipod shuffle, and waiting until we got in the car to showcase what I had found. I couldn’t spend more than 30 seconds on 1 track because I would change it to something else I found (something that drove my sister crazy). I had the same issue when I would “DJ” garage-parties in middle school.

I can’t play an instrument and never could. The closest I’ve been to becoming a musician was getting super good at drums on Rock Band…so do I know what it’s like to develop a track or album? Absolutely not. I think the fact that I’ve never played an instrument makes me appreciate the process that artists go through even more – that shit has to be extremely difficult. All of the music I post about I heavily endorse. That means there will definitely not be any negative or “constructive” reviews: for me to do so would be insane.

I’ll be all over the place; I can promise you that. There will be popular songs that you’ve known for years and songs I guarantee you’ve never heard. There will be pop, funk, nu-disco, rap, house, R&B, Lo-Fi, you name it. There will be playlists that feature music by both Steely Dan and T.I. And finally, there will be projects of my close friends that deserve to be made public.

I very much hope you resonate with the content I share, spread to your friends and family, and above all, enjoy.

-Vince Grana