Deviate happily features a new collaborative project from Ben Townsend (fka Ivan Ooze) and experimental producer Tasker via EMI Music Australia / Universal. Marrying the raw indie energy of Glass Animals and MGMT plus the fluidity of Still Woozy with the alt-rock finesse of Blurryface-era Twenty One Pilots with their own elusive rebel edge, the Aussie duo kicked off on a high note with Bones.” The Guardian called it “one of the best, and weirdest, debut singles that has been released in Australia for a long time.” 

With major tour cancellations across their continent due to COVID-19, they had to bow out of their sold-out headlining shows. Instead, the newcomers leaned on the power of the internet to continue sharing their stories and dropped their second single  “Feel The Same Way.” Since the initial release of the single, the duo returned fire with the Tough Break remix out on September 23rd, inspired heavily by dystopian and future/cyberpunk movies.

Remixes magically reinvent the wheel, in an attempt to convey an intoxicating, novel experience intended for the listener. This remix transforms a genreless, feel-good sound fused with bittersweet lyrics that set them on their own plane of expression into an empowering, electric glimpse into an emotional space familiar to the duo.

“Feel The Same Way” is a relatable tune about indecisive love. Filled with warm hazy synths, it captures the uncontrollable freefall of a burgeoning romance. The overwhelming feelings of lust and love inevitably take control, only to be held back by timid insecurities. In the song, Rest For The Wicked beg for a sign, a semblance of validation that they are not alone in wanting more. Their message: don’t be afraid of what’s coming next, face your fears head-on to heal and grow (WMA Agency).

The Vibes = Immaculate

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For anyone who has ever felt alone or imprisoned by their thoughts, you’ve found your people. Rest For The Wicked is a project for misfits and mischief-makers. This is only the beginning!

We here at Deviate are stoked to see what’s in store for this iconic collaboration. xx.