Alexander Lewis puts a very unique spin on electronic music. And it’s really good. His new album Blue is no different.

The 30-year-old California native Lewis had a jazz-centric upbringing, something that led him to study the genre at the Manhattan School of Music. Upon graduating, he fell in love with electronic music, specifically the trap scene. He began creating his own beats until he felt he was ready to start releasing them.

“People keep saying trap’s gonna die just like people keep saying future bass is gonna die, and yet people keep playing it and enjoying it”

Alexander Lewis, DJBooth

His sound has come a long way. Not in a bad way; his sound has always been phenomenal, but it’s definitely evolved throughout the years. For example, his 2015 Brownies and Lemonade ‘Camp Trill’ set has a HEAVY trap feel to it, his 2018 mix for Too Future is more future-bassy, and his new album (the one I’m writing about) has a lighter, more future-pop quality to it.

Alexander Lewis’s new album Blue dropped just last month and it’s already seen glowing reviews. Throughout Blue you’ll see his jazz and blues background manifest itself in each track, especially his signature trombone additions. Lewis teams up with usual suspects BXRBER, Bando. and Grammy-winner duo Brasstracks, but also features a few news faces in Rush Davis and Bellah.

My favorite track is “Glass”: a glossy, future-jazz tinge with butter-smooth vocals from UK-based Bellah. Give it a listen and let me know if you agree. I also really like “What it Feel Like” with Bando. and S’natra.

Be sure to follow Alexander Lewis’s musical journey on his Instagram, as well as his Spotify and Soundcloud (he’s one of those trap artists who found his core following on “the cloud”…we all remember those days)