I’m so drawn to Aries as an artist not just because of his bold sound, but also how eclectic his production is.

Some people may read this and think “wait, I know that Aries name from somewhere” and you’d be correct. He got his start in entertainment on Youtube, amassing over 400 thousand subscribers over a 2-year span. His page would be filled with creative remixes, funny flips, production tutorials, and much much more. In between these videos he would sneak in his own music, showing he was more than capable of creating his own unique sound.

After a few drops, people began to realize he was changing his trajectory, which ultimately led to him quitting the Youtube hustle and focusing on his music. A pretty neat way to grow a following very organically. I actually went back and watched a few of his early videos….a huge disclaimer: you’ll be stuck on the couch for 3.5 hours without even knowing it.

Since he left Youtube in the rear view mirror, the 22-but-looks-like-he-is-28-year-old has grown his following to over 1.8M monthly listeners.

There’s multiple Aries songs I currently have in rotation, but I’d have to say “FOOL’S GOLD” is my favorite. This track comes to us as the first music Aries has released in over a year, carefully taking his time. We love a patient artist, right??

The track is a proud illustration of his genre-blending style, fusing power chords with rap lyrics all while giving off an alt-pop aroma. I was reading somewhere that he shies away from referring to himself as a singer and doesn’t love using his own vocals. However, I personally think his tone adds a great deal to his songs.

I saw a recent video of him explaining the creation process behind “FOOL’S GOLD” and I was wowed by how simple he made it look. I took the video as him saying “Hey, I can create an absolute hit in 30 mins, and I’ll surely do it again…stick with me”.

One can only assume he’ll be putting out a handful of tunes in 2021, and for that, we wait. In the meantime, add “FOOL’S GOLD” to your playlists and keep an eye on Aries.