I’d first off like to thank Snakehips radio for allowing me to stumble upon Audrey Nuna. She’s underrated, she’s untamed, and she can navigate a Nate Donmoyer beat with ease.

If you’ve never heard of her…you will soon. I don’t know many things, but THAT I’m sure of.

21-year-old, Korean-American Audrey Nuna is no stranger to creating her own music; she’s been writing her own songs since she was a little girl. In a recent HYPEBAE interview she admitted the first “non-shitty” demos she cut weren’t until high school though. I don’t know how exactly she got into the rap scene, but she’s been excelling ever since.

Nuna’s musical propellent was getting discovered by ROCNATION producer Anwar Sawyer. I’ll also add that happened to her at the age of 16….from what I’ve read he’s played a big part in progressing Audrey’s music career.

“Audrey Nuna’s music will make a grandma do the nae nae”

Undisclosed Deviate Colleague, 2020

She recently pressed pause on her education at NYU to pursue music. Some would say it’s a gutsy move, but not when you’re rapidly climbing charts and turning heads at the same time.

Nuna’s track “damn Right” is a satirical piece, taking jabs at those with judgement on their to-do list. Audrey drifts across the beat for the entire 2 minutes and 45 seconds, which was created by long-time producer Nate Donmoyer. “damn Right” is about basking in your unconventional nature, it’s about taking the criticism and brushing it off, and finally, it’s about showing that “its wintertime in this counterfeit bag” (that’s my favorite line in the whole song, and I’m only 60% sure I know what it actually means…oh well it sounds dope).

“damn Right” is only her third rap song

This track actually has a part II, co-editted by DJ Snake. It definitely adds another layer to the song, but I’m going to have to take the original’s side on this one.

I also want to plug this tracks accompanying music video. Anything produced and directed by a tandem of Serie Yoon and Loris Russier welcomes some sort of out-of-the-box concept. My personal favorite part of the video is the shot of her submerged in a tub full of naked barbie dolls. Who thinks of that??!? AUDREY NUNA does.

I have a soft spot in my heart for unorthodox tunes/artists and that’s exactly how I’d classify Audrey. If you like “damn Right,” you’ll love her track with Jack Harlow. Yeah, I said Jack Harlow. It’s called “Comic Sans” and it’s something you’re going to want to play really loud.

Check out the rest of AUDREY’s catalog below. She’s definitely going to be a go-to artist for me moving forward.