Congrats….we made it through the week. Here’s some house to celebrate accordingly.

No what we have here is an already great song made even better. Our culprit? A true legend himself: A-Trak. Most people know him as the “Heads Will Roll guy” (or even less informed, the “Project X guy.” However, he is much much more. I looked up how many projects he’s put out or been a part of and really wanted to have a number for you guys, but I was lazy and didn’t want to count them all. It’s a shit ton.

I did some further research and was shocked at the amount of ventures he has a hand in. I knew he founded Fool’s Gold Records, primarily known for developing artists such as Danny Brown, Flosstradamus, Tchami, and Kid Cudi. I also was aware that he produces under the name “Duck Sauce,” a duo comprised of him and Armand Van Helden. However….I was NOT aware that he, on occasion, writes for the Huffington Post, has appeared in numerous commercials, was Kanye’s principal DJ in the early 2000’s, and owns his own travel website.

The Canadien DJ-turned-mogul’s spin on “Nobody Else” transforms the big room, progressive single into a deep and ominous club hit. I by no means think the original needed a facelift, but the remix is especially welcomed in my book. It REAAALLYYY makes me want to be back at a festival or club, but I guess we’ll have to wait. Enjoy!