New Berlin resident, Jack Ritchie, or Bearcubs as he’s now known by, is here to make your Sunday even lazier than before with an exclusive mix for Clash Magazine.

I’ve been really impressed with his new material. Bearcubs has been in the chill-electronic/Soundcloud/bedroom producer realm for a number of years now. I came across him thanks to Tom Misch’s “Colours of Freedom” back in 2015, but have failed to follow his releases from like 2016-2019. His remix structure is always phenomenal and has caught the eyes of major artists. He recently scored his first movie as well. Quite impressive.

Bearcubs effortlessly weaves together sounds of Kaytranada, Earl Sweatshirt, and Floating Points for a full 53 mins. I started my Sunday off with 2-too-many bagels, a coffee, and this. I’m not sure if it’s against my better judgment to say this mix is great in the background, but that’s the honest truth. You can be very aware of what you’re listening to, but also forget you have anything on at all. Bearcubs is that sneaky I guess.

Jack coped with the pandemic by staying immersed in his music; most notably his new 10-track album Early Hours. It single-handedly got me back into the lo-fi, synthwave R&B scene. I’ll most likely do a piece on just that album in the coming weeks because I think more people deserve to become acquainted with it. If you want a brief glance into Early Hours check out “Early Hours” and “Même Langue”.

If you’re in a hurry…

Best Track –> Kaytranada – Scared to Death
4:00 – 7:13
12:00 – 14:45
29:00 – 35:00
50:00 – end

More from Bearcubs:

Tom Misch – Colours of Freedom (feat. Bearcubs)
Bearcubs – Fade
Bearcubs – Même Langue
Bearcubs – Overthinking (feat. narou)

I reaaaallllly like the entirety of this mix and will be looking forward to future Bearcubs drops.

Tracklist below:

Leon Vynhall – Ice Cream (Chapter VIII)
Dexter – Up! Kaytranada – Scared to Death
Jessy Lanza – Lick In Heaven
Gal Costa – Pontos De Luz
Bob James – Angela
Asnakech Worku – Sak Bleh Askegn
Jai Paul – Do You Love Her Now
Susso – Ansumana
Mndsgn – Yahlubba(nnu)
Earl Sweatshirt – Tisk Tisk / Cookies
Knucks – Home
Charles Wilp – Exotic Dance (Haruomi Hosono Remix)
S. Janaki – Enthan Kannil
Floating Points – Requiem for CS70 and Strings
HNNY – Hej
Clair du Lune – Isao Tomita