If you’re unfamiliar with Day Wave currently, I can describe his music for you: indie-retro-surf-rock. Just listen to his take on Big Wild’s “6s to 9s” and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Day Wave is home to Oakland-native Jackson Phillips and has been steadily putting out phenomenal indie music for since 2015. The very first time I heard this track (maybe 2 months ago) I knew I wanted to shout it to the heavens via this platform. And to be honest, that doesn’t happen as often as you’d think… usually it takes multiple listens for me to fully fall in love with a track. Not think one.

I also had another interesting thought after listening. Would I center to the feature around Big Wild’s “6s to 9’s” remix pack (because 95% of them are quite solid) OR would I highlight Day Waves genius on his individual edit? I chose the latter.

I’ll start by saying I was already a huge fan of Big Wild AND especially the “6’s to 9’s” original. I got to see him perform live on IU’s campus back in 2019 and I was amazed that his music had so much energy, yet he stayed so calm. Fast forward 2 years and we now have Day Wave’s rock rendition.

A few things stand out to me when I first listened: 1. the track has more tempo than the original, which, I wouldn’t have thought would work with choir-like vocals… BUT it fits even better, in my opinion. And 2, the transformation from an electronic track to a guitar-driven, rock track is so seamless. Unfortunately, artists can’t quite seem to make it fit, but Day Wave is a pro.

I would kill to see him and poolside team up for a summer anthem. I think Day Wave’s sunny, californian vocals would fit snug next to poolside’s beachy backdrops. Who knows….maybe it’ll happen and then we will get credit for it (probably not). Have a listen and enjoy!