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20-year-old German-born Megan Bülow (better known as just Bülow) has a strong and tantalizing voice.

If you can imagine Kiiara, Elohim, and Billie Eilish having a kid, I think you would end up with something that resembles Bülow’s sound. That being said, she does have a certain uniqueness that makes her music one-of-a-kind.

I remember listening to a song or two off her first EP, Damaged Vol 1, back in 2017, but losing her in my heavy EDM and rap phase (college). However, when I heard her on Whethan’s “So Good,” something was rekindled….and thank God for that. She has to be my most listened to artist in the past 3 months.

She’s on an absolute tear right now: 2 albums and 4 singles in the past calendar year. All of her hard work is getting noticed as well. Bülow recently took home the Breakthrough Artist of the Year award at The JUNO Awards (Canadian version of the Grammys), along with 5 other nominations.

Her 2019 album, Chrystalline, is chalk-full of great tracks, but “Get Stüpid” sticks out to me. Yes, the whole album still features her dark and heart-broken themes; however, this track is less slow, trappy beats and more upbeat and electro-pop in nature. It’s a nice change of pace and breaks up the album nicely.

Ones to Watch

This track welcomes a sense of chaos and paranoia, depicting a room full of people whacked out on something or other. Megan wants to indulge in the festivities herself, but doesn’t trust anyone there. If I had to guess, that’s a metaphor for something, but I’m no philosopher. At the end of the song she notices someone sneak something into her drink, proving she was right all along. Again, probably a metaphor.

Check out “Get Stüpid” and the rest of Chrystalline in the player below. Also be sure to check out the her discography on Spotify, and let me know what you think of her new releases. Bülow is definitely here to stay.