Casual Vice

Kyle Krone and Brandon Hoogenboom of LA-based group Casual Vice are here to help take your mind off of the madness of the past 2 years with a brand new LP: “On The Exotic” (title from Alain De Botton’s “The Art Of Travel”)

The duo usually finds musical inspiration from traveling the world, developing new POVs and creating fresh experiences. However, the pandemic made this quite difficult on them – a strict limit on travel and no live shows. This didn’t stop them from creating a superb indie rock record.

Kyle reflected on what the LP meant to him in the form of music taking the place of physical travel:

“What would have been the physical act of traveling became interchangeable with the limitless destinations that creating music can offer…. my writing began to expand wider in response to my circumstances, I needed my music more than ever, I needed my books, my typewriter, my pen, the studio. I spent nearly all my time in the studio, traveling in my mind through the music I’ve been creating and the art, film, and literature I’ve been absorbing.”

Beautifully said.

On The Exotic

I’d like to dive deeper into a few of my favorite tracks – each is different in it’s own way, but adds just the right touch to the entire project.

Cote’D Azur

A perfect way to start the LP off on a solid note and tone. Cote’D Azur is one of the slower tunes out of the mix, but projects on the theme of travel seamlessly. You’re immediately transported to the French Riviera (Cote’D Azur) with its picturesque beaches and glamorous lifestyle.

High Praise

My personal favorite on the record – there’s something about the driving synths that fit seamlessly next to Kyle’s high pitched vocals. Not to mention it’s also extremely catchy and will be stuck in your head for days on end. I also dig this track because it deviates from the traditional indie rock construct and adds some extra pizzazz – something Casual Vice has become accustomed to.

Highs and Lows

A softer tune and quite the opposite from something like High Praise, but the switch up definitely fits. The song paints a perfect picture of their struggles over the past year, which is something we can all relate to. Of course, the track logically feeds into the final song “Free at Last”.

Be sure to check out the whole project at midnight TONIGHT and show the boys some love. And for the LA/Hollywood folk, be sure to grab tickets to the Junkfood PR Showcase Sept 9th @ Hotel Cafe!