There was a clip on Instagram of Tobi performing live on the Bud Light Stage at Lollapalooza this past year. His energy was everything: the way he controlled the crowd, the way him and his DJ fed off each other, and above all, his dedication to put on an absolute show in front of his hometown.

That video (since been deleted) featured clips from his upcoming EP Non-Perishable and they immediately got people excited. My favorite clip included Tobi jumping up and down waiting for an alien-like, future-trap beat to drop. People lost their minds and all hell broke loose. That song was his teaser single called “Hopeless Romantic”.

The beginning of the song is actually a snippet from his Lolla performance, which fits perfectly. Cue his first verse and it’s on:

“Stuntin’ (Yeah), like my daddy (Yeah)
If it’s got four doors on it, it’s a caddy, yeah (It’s a caddy)

The same beat is steady throughout, placing the listener in a hypnotizing trance. The music video below gives you a sense of the vibe he’s going for on the EP. I think he chose the ideal track to tease the project.

Non-Perishable comes out in T-minus 1 day so be sure to set your reminders. Now I need to go watch that music video 4 more times.

Turn it up and enjoy.