Brooklyn-based producer Sea Glass is back with yet another tune to continue his hot streak of infectiously good music in 2022.

Sea Glass is manned by Jake Muskat, who has one goal in mind: make you feel something. Happiness, excitement, bliss, or simply an emotional release – Jake’s music take you to a place all your own. His year began with a vintage-soaked collab with Portland-based multi-instrumentalist Blue Canopy on his tune “New Romans”, which received high praise from Indie Shuffle, WFUV, and Record of the Day. Now, he’s back with “Elevator Chat” alongside Virginia-native artist Benét.

I think the aspect of “Elevator Chat” that stands out to me the most is the whimsical, carefree backdrop. The lyrics don’t necessarily fit over the rhythm because of their troubled message, but Jake always seems to make it work. You almost feel like you’re in an elevator and forced to hear him out (maybe that was his plan all along?).

His single touches on simple human experiences: “It’s the feeling of wanting to get into something with someone, but having not enough time or patience to fully get there.”

Sea Glass also sees Benét’s collaboration as reaching for the other end of the spectrum – something you don’t always see with features: “The addition of Benét’s vocals helped expand on that theme, with their interpretation of not wanting to get into it with someone because your mind’s been made up. Their lyrics, to me, offer the perfect counterpoint to mine, highlighting the other side of a conversation.”

I would love to see another team-up between these two! I think they compliment each other quite nicely. Be sure to stream “Elevator Chat” out everywhere now.