Cry, Baby drops tonight (4/22) at midnight. Stream it up!

LA-based artist Trace almost quit music.

The key word in the sentence above is “almost”. After taking time off and focusing on other mediums of writing, Trace came to the conclusion that music has to to be a constant in her life.

“I took a strong month and a half where I thought I’m writing a screenplay, music sucks. However, that didn’t last too long. I came to the realization I needed it…”

She needed it and so did we. Fresh off three 2022 singles, Trace is dropping a fresh, new EP titled Cry, Baby tonight at midnight. The 6-track project is an ode to feeling “new and clear minded”, but also touches on the sorrow and grief of her past 2 years and being a proud member of the AAPI community.

Check out the full conversation below.

Her entire catalog is riddled with thoughtfully crafted singles, but the songs on this EP might be her best work to date. They take a more alternative approach, which is always cool to see from an artist who can play around in different production styles. It’s impossible to say for sure, but IF I had to pick a favorite I would go “Disaster”. The lyrics are raw, it’s super catchy, and it leaves you wanting to hear more.

But wait there’s more! The EP is just the beginning of a long, eventful road for Trace, rolling out an NFT project AND working on a full-length album in the next few short months. She’ll be staying busy and we can’t wait to hear it.

A BIG thank you to Trace for taking the time to come back on Deviate to chat us through her new EP and the twists and turns her life has taken as of late. She’s a true gem and we appreciate her artistry.