Stockholm’s own Madelene Eliasson (aka LonelyTwin) has some big news as of late. Last month the Ultra Music signee not only released her newest single “You,” but also announced that her debut album titled This End Had No Beginning is coming out early next month.

“It’s basically a breakup album times 2…” describes Madde… who was a great sport in talking about this weird phase in her life and how it fueled her music. There’s something oddly calming about the few teaser tracks already released, given the harsh reality of the project’s subject matter. LonelyTwin has her way of doing that: making the bad and the ugly sound good. Her recent single “You” is just one part of the puzzle, capturing the moment she knew she found something special. The twinkling guitar paired with her angelic voice shines bright on this track, letting her fans know of what’s to come.

Madde is a returner on Deviate Presents, which is always cool to see and be a part of. She sat down with us this past week to talk the upcoming album, her recent single, and a top 3 touring mate wishlist. See below for the entire conversation.

A HUGE thanks to Madde for stopping by again and chatting with us. Her down-to-earth personality makes her even more likable than she already is….This End Had No Beginning out 7/7 via Ultra Music! Tune in!

This End Had No Beginning Tracklist:
1. Give It To Her
2. More Than On My Mind
3. Thinking Of A Place
4. Pretty
5. I Will Be Better Than You At Letting Go
6. Hurts Like It Hit Me
7. If I Know Myself
8. Why Would She
9. You!
10. Jump/Fly