“You can’t cancel art,” says Jame, as he explains his hometown’s “War on Music” growing up. Jame knew music was the best outlet since he was a young kid, fighting alongside his fellow creatives as teachers and politicians stripped their music budget away year after year. “You never think a group of Dominican kids from small town Jersey are going to do anything about it….. but we did”: his favorite being interrupting town hall meetings with impromptu concerts.

Music has been in Jame’s Dominican-Irish blood forever. His goal is to create songs that resonate with certain audiences to inspire and to say I’m here with you. His newest single “Hate Being in Love” is a perfect example of this, depicting the side of love that people don’t normally want to talk about. Jame is coming off tremendous success with his collab single with KORDELYA called “Hear Me Out” (approaching 700K streams and getting picked up by popular Netflix show Rebelde)

We touched on multiple topics during our 20 minute 2-min talk, but one thing was evident: his down-to-earth nature. Though he’s been able to grow his fanbase 10X in the past year, it still amazes him that people want to listen to his music. You can get a sense of his “people first, me second” personality, which was super cool to witness.

If you’re ever going to do a music video with a cake… don’t do it on a hill

Jame Minogue on his “Hate Being in Love” video shoot

Watch the entire 2-Min Talk below and don’t forget to stream “Hate Being in Love” out NOW.