Stockholm native, London-based alt-pop artist LonelyTwin sits down to chat her new single “Pretty,” using music to cope with emotions, and daylight savings

I’m known in various circles to be a bit of a music hog (I believe the correct term is gatekeeper): bragging about finding certain artists, reminding them it was MY find, and so on. However, LonelyTwin was different. I learned of Madde’s talent via my cousin Julie. She more of less said “you need to check her out… or else”. I gave her a look and sure am glad I did.

Madde and I began our chat 15 minutes past schedule due to me being late and forgetting about the extra hour. Her response was perfect: “daylight savings time is so shit… I don’t even know what it is”. I too cannot explain the reasoning behind it, but we were off to a great start.

I wanted to sit down with LonelyTwin for multiple reasons. The first (and obvious) being her ability to make emotionally powerful, yet catchy, music. Her catalog is stacked with handfuls of 50K+ listens and even a rendition of “Electric Feel” which now has over 2M streams. The manner in which she pairs her exceptional voice with dazzling backdrops has caught the attention of major outlets and labels, specifically Ultra Music who she signed with only a year ago.

The second reason is because of her newly released single titled “Pretty”. The song is a reactive look-back at a former relationship and how they continued to look out for each other even when they were ready to waive the white flag. I’ll let Madde talk about it more in the above video.

Acoustic strums accompany LonelyTwin’s meaningful lyrics; something her fans have become accustomed to. In fact, Madde and I both agreed she would write one hell of a novel. Maybe we will see it one day…

A BIG thank you to Madde and her team at Girlie Action for making making this come to life. Be on the lookout for more LonelyTwin music… you won’t want to miss it!