Swiss-based artist drktms gives us the inside scoop on the making of his new single “Gravity”

I first got in contact with Luca (drktms) via Instagram a few months ago when I stumbled across his “Crazy” remix he did for rising Australian act, Cabu (~4-million streams on Spotify alone). He graciously thanked us for including him in our April Vol of Deviate Monthly, which shows just how to-the-ground he is as an artist.

The 24-year-old started producing EDM music as a young teen, but has since pivoted to a more relaxed, melodic scene. He first blew up on the bedroom-producer scene back in 2016 when his remix of Cabu’s “Gold” caught the attention of major blogs and labels. Luca had found his home in remixing and edits, garnering millions of streams and landing collabs with top electronic music artists.

Fast forward to now and drktms is in an “original mood,” but assured us he “still loves to remix and coproduce”. Enter his new song “Gravity”: complete with an obsessive ‘drktms’ rhythm and buttery vocals by fellow Swiss-man Milesikco.

“Gravity” comes as Luca’s 2nd single (next to “Younger”) in his limited catalog. However, with the way his music is trending, something tells us it won’t be limited for long. He had this to say about the “Gravity” creation process:

“Gravity is my first collaboration with swiss-based singer Milesikco. We met via social media and we instantly planned a little studio session in late 2020. Gravity was the outcome of our first session together. We did both the instrumental and lyrics from scratch and we started to build a first and simple version. After our session I changed the key and the tempo and I started with the final production. A couple months later we met in the studio again to record the final bits and we also did the mixing and mastering.”

drktms also gives us an inside look at how his synth selection perfectly played off of Miles’ vocals to create a gloomy, yet warm aura:

“The song turned out to be a chill and groovy vibe with an electronic and gloomy soundscape. I used one of my favourite synthesizers the “Roland JX-3P” to create the chords and I also experimented with the Korg Polysix which both have this very warm tone. Milesikco’s melancholic and soulful vocal performance was the perfect match to create the vibe that we had in our mind and we’re really excited to share this first collaboration with everyone.”

I’d agree that, though Miles delivers a soft and heartfelt tone, the synths guide the track on a dim-lit path. Perfect for any rainy, Spring day.

I’d love to see more Milesikco and drktms collabs in the future! Be sure to support “Gravity” and the rest of drktms catalog. He’s assured us he has much more left in 2021.