There isn’t too many instances where you get a Dua track and somehow make it better….right?

However, if anyone is up to the task, it’s 28-year-old, Haitian-Canadian producer, Louis Kevin Celestin. You probably know him as Kaytranada though. I wrote a post a few weeks ago that Kay is probably the name you’ll see the most on here and so far that’s holding true. I would never lie to you.

Dua is someone who wears her heart on her musical sleeve and that makes her super relatable. She then finds a way to add aspects to her songs that layer in a certain catchiness. They’ll be stuck in your head for weeks without you even noticing…until one random Tuesday you think “holy shit, she’s good”. If you can’t tell, Dua is my pop star crush currently.

I was talking about Kaytranada with someone the other day and we both came to a conclusion. What exactly he brings to his songs, remixes, and overall production is sophistication. You’re probably not going to be jumping up and down or downing vodka-redbulls listening to his new album. What you WILL do is sit back and enjoy a nice espresso or glass of chardonnay while discussing your Meyers-Briggs test results with a close confidant. You’ll soon realize your conversation has been fueled by his laid back, 120bpm, smooth-snythy house beats.

I absolutely love this remix because it takes a hit song and tweaks it so minimally. All too many times you’ll hear a remix that tears the original apart, almost masking the work they has already done. Kay uses Dua’s prework to his advantage, which I really like. With this version of “Don’t Stop Now” you still know it’s Dua’s baby (I guess that makes Kaytra the stepfather?)

This edit dropped just last week and has already been played way too many times in my apartment. Have a listen and see if you like this edit or the original better.