The freshest sound in alt-pop discusses their new EP and the freeing nature of songwriting

Aimee Van der Kruik and Juli Ebert of Australian alt-pop group Love Level have a sound that is exactly what pop music needs.

Yes, they are newcomers by time definition; however, at first listen you immediately see that they know their identity… and are very comfortable with it. The duo [Love Level] just released their debut EP Love Level with hit song “Love Level” – No shortage of Love, but hell, we all need it.

The EP is as complete as they come, especially as a debut. Each song flows perfectly into the next, highlighting their adept songwriting and production. The project is led by hit single “Love Level” (~1M streams), but it really is difficult to choose a clear favorite. That’s how you know it’s a solid listen…

I got to sit down and chat with Amiee and Juli about songwriting, doing what you want, and everything Love Level. A big thanks to both of them. Down-to-earth, supercool humans!

Love Level.. it is fantastic to be chatting with both of you. We’ve had your new EP on repeat ever since the release. Where are both of you stationed currently?

We’re from the Gold Coast, Aus! Beautiful place to call home! 🙂 

Let’s talk about the name “Love Level”.. where did it come from/who thought of it/what’s the meaning?

It was actually on a night out pre-covid and before we had an idea for the project and one of Aimee’s friends was just super drunk and really feeling the vibes of the night. He told her he was “on his love level” and she messaged me straight away and told me to remember that we HAVE to write a song called Love Level… I think we got writing the next day! 

I read that you’ve been working on the self-titled EP since the beginning of 2019, starting with the hit track “Love Level” (which has almost 1M streams on Spotify alone)… How did the success of that track fuel you to keep creating?

The response to LL was very unexpected for us, we hadn’t ever released music together before and there’d been a such a long build up from the time we wrote it to the time we dropped it. It was so exciting though to have a song that we worked so hard on finally out there for people to hear. I think we just kept that feeling in mind and powered through the rest of the EP! That’s how we feel now that it’s out :)) 

You both are writers by trade correct?

Yeah we both wrote the EP together and just bounced ideas off each other. When we write our own stuff it’s so interesting how different our styles are but when we come together I think it just works so well and we kinda each bring different aspects to the table.  

What about song-writing makes it a freeing experience in your words?

I think our songs are very personal to us and I can imagine would be pretty confronting to hear as the person they’re written about. I think being about to tell someone how you’re feeling, or express to them how they’ve made you feel, through music is such a liberating thing. Such a weight off your shoulders when the songs finally release and you can kinda let go of any unresolved feelings you had. 

We also are digging “Runaway” and the message it lets on. Any advice you would give to aspiring musicians that feel like they don’t have “everything mapped out”?

Just do what you wanna do, write what you love to write and don’t appeal to what you think others want to hear. If it’s not authentic and it’s not something you love then it will just feel like a chore rather than a passion.

Any upcoming work on the horizon?

Now that we’ve finally released, we’re so excited to jump straight back into writing and giving that our full attention. We wanna buckle down and spend the next 6 months just experimenting and working out what LL2 is gonna be. 

Thank you so much for the questions! We’re glad you like the EP and so grateful for your support :))

Big love,Juli and Aimee xx

Love Level are unmistakably Deviates.

Have a listen to their brand new EP below!