Fresh Mode wants to make you dance.

It’s Friday and I’m here to provide something that will complement your Friday – no matter if you want to dance or not.

Columbia Records own “Fresh Mode” is back with one of the cleanest tracks to date. His 2019 track ‘The Vibe’ is all about living in the moment and tossing any agendas/stereotypes out the window. If you read his “about” section on Spotify you’ll see he’s quite the futuristic, forward-thinker.

“What’s left, when time, money, generation and credentials don’t mean anything? When we can’t score with how we look, what we have, how often we upload, and how many likes we generate? When there weren’t any visible differences between people?”

‘The Vibe’ has a clear goal: The atmosphere, the emotion, the effect of this track aims to be universal. There’s no guest list here and nobody needs a house music diploma – everyone can vibe”

Fresh Mode, Spotify

I don’t know about you, but I can definitely get behind that! Steal the aux, queue this up, and (you knew it was coming) vibe out.