Gabrielle sits down to chat her “newcomer” status, sharing the stage with Rufus Du Sol, and the honesty behind Virgo

Nicole Lewis

24-year-old Gabrielle Current is about as smooth as they come; her aura, her style, and especially her voice – all components that make her brand irresistible.

The EP is a well-thought-out arrangement, comprised of 5 R&B/Soul tracks. All 5 are different in their own certain way, but there’s a connectedness throughout the project. This is of course powered by 3 things: the jazz-infused background, personal experience, and Gabrielle’s heaven-sent voice (just listen to the first song, you’ll know what I mean)

Virgo opens up with a bang in “Make It Right”, shifting to “Plenty” and it’s emotionally charged recount of a toxic relationship. “Down The Line” highlights the hardship of letting go and “If I Fall” paints a picture of the processing whatever the hell just happened. The EP concludes with the already released single “Serenity,” which in our opinion serves as a jumping off point for Gabrielle.. almost to say I’m just getting started.

Virgo was stamped by an all-star cast of producers as well – Austin Brown (Hablot Brown)Mark Pelli (Sabrina Claudio, Jennifer Lopez), and Charlie Perry (Jorja Smith, BTS). It’s no wonder there’s a seamlessness to the entire project.

Deviate got a chance to toss a few Q’s Gabrielle’s way. From the start, her demeanor immediately yelled confident, yet extremely humble. She’s thankful for her gift, her collaboration with other artists, and her journey through music. Read below to learn more about LA’s own Gabrielle Current…

Hi Gabrielle! Thanks for taking the time to speak to Deviate. Where are you based out of right now?
Hi! So great to chat with you. I’m based in Los Angeles.

Have you been able to get out and about more now that things are beginning to open up?

Yes, absolutely! I’m so excited to get out and about and start to explore again.

Your bio referred to you as a “newcomer” but you’ve been involved with music for a very long time. I loved reading about you listening to J Lo with your mom as a kid. What moment in your life did you know you wanted to make a career out of music?
Thank you so much! I would still consider myself a newcomer, especially in the genre that I’m choosing to step into with this EP. When I first started making and releasing music, I kept myself open to any genre that came my way, be it EDM or pop. So I’m excited to finally land on a sound that feels like me and really run with it. I’ve always had a love for singing and performing, probably because I was so inspired by the live performances of JLo and many others when I was little. But I think the moment I knew I wanted to make a career out of music was when I started writing songs of my own, right after I finished school.

Nicole Lewis

You’ve had the opportunity to work with some big names in electronic dance music (Kaskade, Felix Cartal, Cassian). What is your favorite track you’ve been a part of? We have our answer!
Collaboration is one of my favorite things about making music. I honestly loved getting to meet and work with all three of the artists you mentioned, so it’s difficult to choose favorites. I got to do some of my first live performances ever with them, and they all have been so exciting for me. But, opening up for Rufus Du Sol with Cassian at the Shrine Auditorium will always be a really special experience for me.

I think being in the same building with Rufus Du Sol and Cassian would be special enough for me, let alone sharing a stage…

Virgo is your first full body of work. In your opinion, what are the core differences between creating an album/EP and a group of singles?
I honestly didn’t know I was making an EP when writing Virgo at first. I felt inspired to document my life at the time through songs, and then was able to look back and realize the common theme between all of them. I was writing a lot about love, loss, and my growth from those experiences. After all five of the songs were written, I decided to group them together and create this collection. I’ve released a couple singles before Virgo that didn’t make the EP, because I love when a body of work tells a complete story. I don’t think all albums or EPs have to, but it just made sense for me.

There’s a ton of honesty behind the EP and the lyrics. I take it you’re drawing from a personal experience?
Yes, I love writing from personal experience because that’s what I connect to the most. For me, as a listener, I admire when artists are vulnerable and honest in their music. I feel like I’m able to connect that much more to whoever is sharing. I hope that by being as specific as possible when telling the stories in Virgo, it can help listeners feel not so alone in whatever they may be going through.

Talk to us about the upcoming few months. Anything in the works?
I plan to be writing all summer and I’m excited to see how my music will evolve, hopefully by exploring new sounds and working with more collaborators. I’m also looking forward to bringing this EP to life through live performances.

Nicole Lewis

Where can people learn more about you and your music (other than here!)?
You can stay up to date with everything coming up via my IG @gabcurrent.

Last but not least: if you had to be an inanimate object what would you be and why?

I love this question! I would probably be a camera so that I can save all of my favorite moments, revisit them, and relive exactly how they played out in real life. I’m pretty sentimental like that, haha.

I love that answer! Well, fantastic having you Gabrielle. We can’t wait to hear more music in the coming months!
Thank you so much for having me! I’m excited to share more with you very soon.

Gabrielle Current is certainly a Deviate.