Just a fantastic song that more people should know about

When you get both a multi-faceted producer and a genre-less vocalist in the same room something special is bound to happen. That’s exactly what we get on “Stuck In A Bubble”.

This 2020 track is home to French Islander NASAYA and 18-year-old rising Melbourne artist George Alice. NASAYA specializes in blending together electronic, jazz, and funk sounds to create distinctive audio backdrops…. and he’s been doing it since his early teens (he secured a scholarship to Berklee School of Music at the age of 16). George Alice propels her song forward with her delightfully dazed vocals and relatable lyricism.

I stumbled on this song a few weeks ago and I’ve been a HUGE fan ever sense. There’s something about NASAYA and George’s collaboration that just clicks. They also released an accompanying music video that portrays the times of isolation perfectly.

In a 2020 interview with Triple J George had this to say about the track:

‘What do I do when I’m stuck in a bubble with you?’  comes from the energy of a teenager stuck in their hometown, that “coincidentally fits in with [our current] isolation”.

It makes perfect sense to me coming from a small Indiana town! Could I make a super catchy song about it? No. Could I even play an instrument? Even more no. Thank God we have people like George and NASAYA to carry the burden though.

Be on the lookout for more tunes from NASAYA and George Alice: a fantastic fusion of young talent.

Take a few listens to George and NASAYA’s moody masterpiece and report back. IF you dig this track, I encourage you to check out the rest of their work. Specifically, NAYASA’s remix of Brood’s “Peach”, his Portueguese-inspired tune “TEMPO” with singer Maro, and George’s “Circles” (a track that won her 1st place in Australia’s Unearthed High contest). Turn it up and enjoy!