Australian producer Maxwell Byrne is yet again showcasing his range of talents in the form of his new alter-ego 1tblsp.

Is there anything this guy can’t do? First, Golden Vessel drops a MASSIVE debut colt album, then he spins off a 3-piece rock number as Lucky Idiot, and now we get a first taste of 1tblsp with his 4-track EP kanashî.

The thing I love most about kanashî is it’s incomparable nature. The project is experimental by definition, but that’s what makes Maxwell Byrne…well… Maxwell Byrne. Each track compliments the EP in its own way from start to finish. The opening track “Calico” brings a fresh, hi-hat beat to life while maintaining a steady percussion schedule. Moving into “I Know I Get” you get a sense of energy building up, beginning with distorted vocals and ending with a funky bass-line.

The back half of the album switches vibes slightly. The EP’s already-released single “In Europe, Kinda Sad” is a slower, synth-based track, which leaves you thinking “yep, that’s a perfect title for the song”. And finally, “kanashî”, the conclusion to the project and a heaven-sent one at that. Church choir-like vocals layered over an energetic pattern. It’s bliss.

Max’s project has been a work-in-progress for over a year and it seems like the perfect time to let it breathe. He had this to say:

“I’ve been sitting on this EP for almost a year now and finally have the chance to put it out! I started making it while I was in Europe at the end of 2019. It now seems to really coincide with these sumoclic nights that Akurei and I are throwing here in Brisbane and it feels as though house music is having a big moment here which is exciting”

I can’t wait to see where this leisure pursuit goes in the near future. I’m sure Max has both gained new supporters and strengthened his already strong group of loyalists. If Golden Vessel isn’t on your list yet, I highly recommend putting him there. 2021 is going to be a big year for him and the rest of sumoclic.

Turn it up and enjoy!