Get ready for SoCal-native Griff Clawson to become a household name; a raw, organic voice mixed with elegant songwriting.

2021 has already been quite the year for Clawson’s solo ride, releasing breakout hit “Chasing Highs”, followed by “2lovely”, and now “Things You Said”. He’s kind of shooting perfect from the line. His 2020 was nothing short of amazing either. Catapulting into the dance music scene, Griff provided vocal support for the likes of ARTY, Matoma, Devault, Manilla Killa and Boombox Cartel. He rounds out every track perfectly.

Stepping away from major-EDM collaborations, Griff seems to be enjoying the career pivot. Billboard, ThisSongIsSick and OnesToWatch seem to think so as well: all have positioned him as next up, and I’m fully on board as well. His newest track “Things You Said” cements his place in the alt-pop field. Coming up with fresh new ideas for this genre is a hard enough…….. if you’re name isn’t Griff Clawson.

Griff had this to say about the track:

““Things You Said” is really the song that helped me get over the ledge to start releasing music. It was the first song that I felt confident about that also felt true to myself. For me the song captures the feeling of confusion when words people once spoke to each other no longer ring true, and takes you through some scenes of personal story and how I felt coming off of a (metaphorical) high with somebody.”

A feeling we’ve all felt at some point. I think he conveys it well.

With his 2021 already off to a hot start, we can’t wait to see what he releases next. If you like “Things You Said” be sure to check out his entire catalog (including his features). His track with Devault (Leave Me Low) is an absolute classic.

Turn it up and enjoy!