Brooklyn’s own Harrison Lipton uses life’s ups and downs to fuel his music. His new single Speedracer is a spot-on display.

There’s two aspects of the tune that blew me away: Lipton’s vocal abilities alongside the softer R&B backdrop and the fact that it was video first, song second. Usually, you’ll find that a normal artist writes the lyrics, adds production/layering, and THEN after the song is out will create the video. However, Harrison Lipton is not a normal artist.

“my ex and I made the video while we were dating. The heartbreak in the song has become a self-fulfilling prophecy as we broke up, but we decided to still share this with the world as a testament to what we had.” 

How prophetic/crazy/insane/awesome is that?! You’ll find Harrison reflecting on what once was and how the past relationship wasn’t all downhill. Smooth, fuzzy synths and a steady bassline also help guide the track along.

Harrison recruits the help of Hadji Gaviota and Pitchfork-featured artist Ivy Sole on the track, providing an added layer of perspective; each artist gives their own take on the subject matter. I like how it always comes back to Harrison’s chorus as a means to reorient the listener because the song is…. well… about him.

The accompanying video comes from the minds of Lipton, alongside director Genevieve Andrews, producer Claire Demere, and Jake DeNicola. Lipton’s artistic, visual prowess is on full display throughout the video; everything from the use of light shading to the grainy shots of him laying beside his [former] love interest. The video provides a level of understanding I think.

It’s safe to say Harrison gained a new fan with this release. Be on the lookout for his name to pop up here again soon. Enjoy the rest of your Saturday and Harrison Lipton’s Speedracer.