The English duo of James Hatcher and Andy Clutterbuck create music that can only be described as universal. They cater to such a wide audience of listeners; you don’t have to be strictly an indie pop or alt-electronic fan to enjoy their work. This doesn’t work for every artist, but they seemed to have mastered this concept.

Oh, and I failed to mention that they go by the name HONNE.

I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to see the duo preform live – in a dingy music venue located in the West Loop called “Bottom Lounge”. Though not quite big enough for an act like HONNE, the BL provided an intimate and unified experience. Actually, it was so intimate that an audience member had planned an on-stage engagement with a little help from James and Andy. I will say… it was one of the more awkward engagements I’ve seen. After the lad got off his one knee, the couple stayed on stage and stood in the corner while HONNE played “Day 1”. However, the thought was there.

Having seen them live, I’d love to go for round 2 and hear this tune. I can picture the crowd singing along to every lyric and them feeding off that. Their tunes all have a relatable nature to them, which is one reason their music has been so successful.

Another glaring positive to the song is the addition of Pink Sweat$. The Philly native, R&B/Pop sensation gives “WWYD” some added flare… The already catchy song gets even catchier with his hook and verse. Well done and thank you Mr. Sweat$.

If you’ve never heard of HONNE, use “WHAT WOULD YOU DO” as your welcoming gift. I think it’s a great one to get hooked on.