We don’t know much about this enigmatic duo. However, we DO know they have a new EP…and it’s pretty great.

The group has been BUSY the past 2 years, putting out track after track and remix after remix. You may know them by their edit of Louis The Child’s “Little Things” masterpiece or their work with pluko on his recent album. Ilo Ilo have recieved co-signs from Jai Wolf, NGHTMRE, The Chainsmokers, and many more. Their energy in their songs is contagious and I bet their live shows are no different.

The fellas aren’t just creative musically, but business-wise as well. They started something call the Ilo Ilo Hunt, which is an online scavenger hunt, ultimately promoting their new material. RunTheTrap sums it up perfectly: “After following through a myriad of pages, people who complete the journey are awarded with a epic mix filled with unreleased edits and music from the duo. The journey is a fully interactive experience that’s entertaining and fun”. I think they could have a career in experimental marketing in another life. What do you think?

Dream Tapes 01 is a 4-track tour into the minds of ilo ilo, exploring themes of false love and happiness. This EP isn’t as “edm” as their previous work, but you do get some hints here and there. Have a listen and see if you agree with my notes.

Quick rundown track-by-track:

“Be Cool”: This track is the best in my opinion; from the beat to the message behind it. It makes sense why they chose this one to lead off the EP!

“Misha”: I was reading somewhere that this track is actually about their pet dog and the lyrics totally add up. Could this be? I guess it could. Very catchy tune though.

“Wake Up”: IF there were an “edm-y” track on the EP…it would be this one. Not saying that is a negative, but I do tend to like “Be Cool” and “Misha” a bit more.

“Golden”: Another fast-paced ilo jam. This song reminds me of their 2018 stuff. If you follow ilo ilo I think you get what I mean.

Be sure to give Dream Tapes 01 a run through and potentially partake in one of ilo ilo’s famous scavenger hunts in the near future!