Brooklyn artist Kevin Holliday quickly shares his thoughts on his new EP OMNI

23-year-old Kevin Holliday is a product of his environment. Growing up in Brooklyn, he was exposed to a blend of cultures and lifestyles – something that he plays on in his music.

OMNI follows his 2019 EP Space Cadet, which landed him on top editorials such as Spotify’s Anti-Pop, All New Indie, Alternative R&B and more. During our chat, Kevin admitted that he was “throwing paint at the wall” on Space Cadet, but hey… I’d say it worked out in his favor. He also explained that the two records are vastly different, now that he has solidified his own sound and has with a clear plan.

Take a sec and hit play below: topics covered include who is Kevin Holliday, what artist inspires him the most, his most recent purchase, and much much more OMNI talk.

OMNI is spearheaded by hit track “Tennis Courts” (336K streams) which features Kevin’s signature retro-esque vocals over a funky, bass-driven beat. It’ll have “got me runnin’ back and forth, had me green like tennis courts” stuck in your head for days on end.

Normally, you find artists placing their most known song at the front of the pack, but I find it cool that he nestles it smack dab in the middle. The front belongs to “Regrets” – a funkwave and guitar based ballad that immediately makes you get out of seat and groove. Other notable songs include “Dynamite”, “Tried My Best (feat. Jackie Moonbather)”, “Runaround”, and “Liar!”…. you may realize I just named all of the tracks. Yes, they are all great.

Each piece of OMNI tells a different side of Holliday’s muddy love endeavor, but also in such a nuanced way. One track will be fast-paced and poppy and the next will take a slower approach. We think he nailed it.

OMNI is such a complete package from start to finish. It’s not often you can spin an EP all the way through without wanting any skips – a true testament to how Kevin pieced the record together. We can’t wait to hear what else he puts out this year.

A BIG thank you to Kevin Holliday for being our first ever “2-Minute Talk” artist. An absolute pleasure to chat with!

Kevin Holliday remains, and forever will be, a Deviate

Stream OMNI below!