UK-turned-Coloradoan Jack Aisher (JackLNDN) is back with a fresh new tune that will make you move or your money back.

“In My Mind (Patterns)” is a sonic journey that takes you inside the mind of JackLNDN. With steady house traces and tantalizing vocals, the tune brings you to a place of serenity without jeopardizing the progressive energy. It’s the same JackLNDN his fans have come to expect, but this time the vulnerability he shares takes it one step further.

When asked about the task of transforming his thoughts into a rhythmic house track Jack had this say:

“There’s a strange mix of dark intense energy and feel-good vibes, jumping suddenly between the two feelings as can often happen in my brain. Trying to capture the sound of a mental illness that jumps between debilitating depression & manic levels of joy, happiness & productivity (often in close proximity) was a delightfully challenging exercise.

See below for the full conversation.

Hey Jack! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us.

You were born in the UK, but have since moved to Colorado – whats your favorite part about living out there?

The mountains hands down. They bring me so much peace and inspiration. We don’t have anything close to the Rockies in the UK, they are spectacular and a great way to stay healthy year round.

This might be a bit of a throwback, but I remember finding your Drop Out EP on 7-8 years ago. I wasn’t the rhythmic house fan I am today, but I do think that EP helped open me up to another side of electronic music. So thank you for that!

You are very welcome, that’s the first EP I ever released so you’ve definitely been paying attention since the very beginning. I’m so glad it opened up new musical experiences for you, that’s the whole aim. 

Patterns is a really cool spin on progressive electronic music – how would you describe the project in your own words?

In the current climate releasing an album is no longer of interest to most artists & labels. 90% of releases are now singles, with only the remaining 10% being albums. 7 years ago the ratio was 50/50! Algorithms & social media are causing big shifts in the way people are consuming music, meaning singles are the most effective strategy. Releasing an album that took 3 years to make is basically a huge middle finger to that trend, and a gift to all the music fans out there who haven’t forgotten how music is supposed to be enjoyed. ‘Patterns’ is just like every album I’ve ever loved; a journey with ups, downs & everything in between.

I want to talk about your song “In My Mind” because I do think it speaks to yourself as an artist the most. I read that there’s an underlying theme of finding out something new about yourself. Can you talk to us about that a bit?

Like with a lot of my songs, there’s a deeper meaning there if you listen to the lyrics. Some people are just dancing along to my music oblivious which is totally fine, but others develop deep connections with the content of what I’m saying. During the pandemic things got pretty dark for me, I ended up resorting to therapy to see if I could make sense of it all. I had always written off my emotional & mental struggles as a classic symptom of the music industry and nothing more; huge highs and crashing lows are all part of the experience. But when everything stopped and I wasn’t traveling or making music, these big swings up & down actually got worse and much more problematic. Turns out I was dealing with bipolar disorder, something that is actually quite common and very manageable with the right effort. Learning & understanding the patterns (yes that’s where the title of the album came from) has been really powerful for me. Instead of hating myself when I’m low for being unproductive, I practice self-care and self-love as much as possible. Plenty of sun, exercise, great nutrition & good sleep cycles all contribute to making the symptoms less extreme and my life less unpredictable

I think the song is a breath of fresh air to others who might be struggling mentally… so to capture that sound and give others a release is incredibly cool.

I appreciate you actually inquiring about this as most people awkwardly brush over topics like mental health.

Is there another song on the project that speaks to where you want your music to go in the future?

I feel like ‘Numb’ & ‘Bad Decisions’ are definitely indicators of where my sound is headed, there’s been a slight disparity between my music and the tracks I DJ in the clubs. I wanted to address that with this release, bringing some higher energy, festival tested dance floor bangers to the table so I could play even more original music at the very peaks of my sets. Last week I played for 2 hours in Denver and only played original music, we went on a journey from chill melodic house all the way through to a full on bass driven dance party. I haven’t done that in years

What else is in store for you this summer? Any more festivals?

I’m in LA this weekend to play at the Mondrian which is always a good time, and have a few more fun projects and dates in the works that we’ll be announcing soon

Feel free to stop by Chicago anytime! We would love to have you.