I was going to write this on Sunday, but ended up passing out around 9:30. I think my plan (most weeks) is to grab a weekend-starter on Friday morning and end with a weekend-wind down sometime Sunday. Regardless, 23-year-old Gerard Taylor, aka “Jerry Folk,” has you covered with some VERY new music.

“Slow,” a two song EP, roughly a week ago and already has over 100,000 plays on Spotify. I first heard Jerry’s stuff back in 2016 when he released “Stanley” and remember the song getting only a few hundred listens in the same time span (the song now has over 6 million streams). The Los Angeles-based Norwegian producer has come a long way, but his music has always been great.

Both these tracks had to grow on me at first; however, it didn’t take long. I gravitate towards “Slow” more than “Carousel” because of the vocals, but both have extremely catchy beats (which haven’t left my head in days). Have a listen and wind down your weekend the right way. Enjoy!