Get groovy on Kulo’s newest single

Face hidden by long hair and with guitar in hand sits Berlin-based, Indian R&B artist and producer Johnny Kulo. Known for both his calm demeanor and groove-centered melodies, Kulo is taking the scene by storm, starting with his brand new single “Wrong”.

He has a way with making his fans feel direct emotions when listening to his music – sometimes good sometimes not so good. Either way, Kulo has graciously accepted his role in being your own personal therapist (and for that, we thank him).

Johnny did some reflecting himself and had this to say on what he wants his audience to feel when listening to “Wrong”.

“I imagine the track will make you reminisce, a cheeky escape to a memory that was precious at the time. Wandering into the idea of what could’ve been and what still could be. A song to send to your ex, an apology note of sorts. I don’t think every song needs to be immensely layered with emotion, I’d love for people to just get lost in the groove.”

“Wrong” is about coming to grips with past mistakes; however, I will say that the funky synthesizer and soulful guitar twangs make the message go down much much easier. Kulo has found is beat and he’s sticking to it. Just like my Great Grandfather used to say… “Why fix it if it ain’t broke”

Big things in store for JK and we are along for the ride. You should be too…