Rachael Vowles

Melbourne-based artist Julia Lostrom looks at making music as a form of personal therapy: both for herself and her listeners.

Her newest single ‘Walk Away’, is a prime example of using her talents to evoke raw emotion upon the first listen. The tune is centered around working through life’s “uncomfortable, but necessary” changes. Julia pairs her hypnotizing, airy vocals with a dark, infectious beat courtesy of Melbourne’s own Max Glyde. The 2 have collaborated in the past and saying they “click” is an understatement.

Julia had this to say when asked about the track: “Last year really shook things up for me. It gave me the courage to look within and helped me realise the changes I needed to make, so this song represents that realisation but also the fear of change. Change can be scary, it’s uncomfortable but it’s so necessary and I’m so glad I finally worked up the courage to make the changes I needed to, and this song really initiated it all for me”

Rachael Vowles

Julia’s LoFi pop-electronic and R&B melodies have recently garnered support from music giants likeBBC, triple j and Apple Music, giving her the attention she deserves.Making big changes in your life can definitely be a daunting idea, however; Julia’s vocals make everything go down much smoother.

“Walk Away” is live on all streaming platforms right now so be sure to tune right in. We expect big things from the the songstress in 2022…