Kllo may be the most talented and underrated duo to come out of Melbourne…let alone Australia.

Simon Lam and Chloe Kaul are actually blood-related, sharing a love of music as cousins. Both stick to what they’re good at, and so far, that’s been the recipe for success. Kaul has a “voice that transcends words” noted their record label Good Manners Records. When given the opportunity to shine amid Lam’s production, these two work wonders together.

Kllo are making moodily lit club music for shy people

Annabell Ross, NME

My favorite Kllo track is “Candid”: a strongly-sampled, emotive R&B trip. Lam’s garage-style production accompanies Kaul’s moody expression perfectly. The song opens up with the “Talk with friends ’round me, don’t” repeated sample, and almost sounds like the beginning of a rap song. However, shortly after, Kaul starts in, making Kllo’s sound unmistakeable.

“Candid” is about what the title suggests…wanting to keep things Candid between 2 parties. One wants something more while the other is holding all the cards: “No, the balls not in your court.” Kaul is so matter-of-fact in her lyrics, which is refreshing from such an emotional group. I’m sure there’s an audience that feels her message close to home.

The Melbourne duo also recently came out with a 10-track album titled Maybe We Could this summer, which is as moody as their freshman LP, Backwater, but much more polished. The album plays on similar themes of long-awaited love and heartbreak; a staple for Kllo. I really loved their first go around at an album, but I think I like this one more.

Give Kllo’s “Candid” a shot and see what you think. If you enjoy their sound, I urge you to visit their brand new album Maybe We Could. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.