Rising alt-pop artist WONDR links his new track “On Fire” to soccer superstar Leo Messi

Voyage LA

North Carolina-based artist Ryan O’Leary (known as WONDR) has been steadily growing his presence in the music industry for a number of years, putting out single after single and racking up millions of streams. It wasn’t until recently that vital pieces of the puzzle started taking full notice. When I say “people”, I mean one in particular: Leo and his flagship brand The Messi Store.

The Messi Store recently approved WONDR’s choice of “On Fire” as his prominent track for his upcoming clothing brand campaign. A pretty massive honor as an artist if you ask me. Picture this: you get approached by someone who is (quite literally) the best in their craft and wants to work with AND be attached to you. What?!

WONDR’s hard work has paid off.

The specific ad campaign was set in force by WONDR, ultimately featuring his latest single “On Fire” which has been streamed over 200,000 times already this year. Directed by Sean O’Leary, the video gives viewers a raw glimpse into a day in the life of a rising independent artist. DP and Editor Ryan Pham uses a variety of shots arranged with precision to capture the seamless integration of The Messi Store’s clothing into WONDR’s active lifestyle.

As is the case with his 36 singles, WONDR remains the sole rights holder to this advertisement. Art is freedom for WONDR. In this case, ownership integrates freedom into the foundation of WONDR teaming up with The Messi Store. This is something we know fans are asking for from artist collaborations. 

Take a listen to WONDR’s “On Fire” and keep a ear out for the track on upcoming promotional material from the futbol GOAT. A big year in store for WONDR and his team!