If you’re a fan of music in general, then you should pay close attention to German artist M. Byrd.

This isn’t my first time writing about his music and certainly won’t be the last. With 10 million plus streams and critical acclaim from numerous outlets, he’s gained a hearty following and I don’t think he’ll be slowing down anytime soon. His latest single “Over You / Over” Me has cemented him as an artist to watch, and his upcoming album is sure to make waves.

Byrd’s music is is full of soul – with heartfelt lyrics and groovy rhythms he creates an upbeat, yet calming sound. His newest single “Over You / Over Me” features a sweeping melody and tenderly-crafted lyrics and was spurred on by…. snakes?

“I dreamt there were snakes all over my apartment….A snake is a symbol for drastic change in your life and you’re repressing it. There’s a lot of change for  me.  I’m starting to be  a  full-time  musician. There’s still a  pandemic.  I tried to dress up this darkness nicely.” “I talked to a friend who is into interpreting dreams, and she said that snakes in dreams meant that I was going through a profound change in my life. I remembered a quote I once read in an essay by Freud:  ‘A  dream  is  the  liberation  of  the  spirit  from  the  pressure  of  external  nature,  a detachment of the soul from the restraints of matter’.

The single serves as a preview of what’s to come from M. Byrd’s debut album, The Seed, which is due for release in 2023. If Over You / Over Me is any indication, we can expect an emotional and impactful experience when The Seed finally drops….. and it will surely be worth the wait.