Andre Santos

Meagan De Lima and her Queen are taking the sound waves by storm.

The Canada native’s musical talent alone inspires, having brought her to perform for Barack & Michelle Obama and at The Invictus Games. People want to hear Meagan De Lima and so should you.

Her newest single “Queen” is a testament to her vocal abilities and special knack to create a one-of-a-kind sound, all while paying homage to those before her. Her Mom specifically has played such an important part in Meagan’s life and her goal was to show her gratitude in the best way she knows how. She had this to say about her special tune:

“I love my mom. I made this song to shine a light on her heart, and the ferocity and resiliency that makes her march to the beat of her own drum. My mom not only inspires me as a passionate mother of three and a South Asian immigrant to Canada but also because of the mountains she’s climbed later in life, too. She is a breast cancer survivor, played a support role to my father when he was diagnosed a year later, and so much more.

Meagan goes on to explain how Queen isn’t only for her #1 role model – the single is also to celebrate the dynamic and fierce people in our lives that “inspire us and show us what genuine love and strength are made of.”

Meagan’s voice shines bright and so does her gratitude. Read on below for the entire chat with one of Canada’s brightest.

Greetings from Chicago! I remember going to Toronto as a kid but haven’t been back in a number of years – I appreciate you giving me a reason to go check out its rich music scene! 

Anytime – I am really happy to talk music with you! Thanks for having me.

We can get right to the elephant in the room: your voice. When did you notice you had this unbelievable talent?

Haha wow, I appreciate the love. To be honest, I went into music because it was always my way of expressing myself, not because I thought I was ever “good” at it. My mom has old home videos of me singing in diapers belting Toni Braxton in my living room and you can tell even then that music made me happy. Music has just always been my way of being.

I read that “Queen” is primarily a dedication piece for your mother. Can you describe the impact she’s had on you growing up?

It is – my mom is my best friend, my rock, and my inspiration to be a better person. Growing up, she showed me what the perfect balance of kindness and strength is. If I can be an 1/8th of the woman she is – I will consider that an accomplishment.

Andre Santos

I love that you’ve been able to use life’s twists and turns to fuel your music. Music is therapy in itself but when you connect it to life events I think it’s even stronger. Anything you would add to this?

I strongly believe music has the power to heal people. I have witnessed this not only in my own life but also with the people around me. I want to continue to use music as a way to connect with people and make them feel safe and seen. 

What should your fans be looking forward to in the coming months?

New music, lots of new music. I have only released singles in the past, and I can say that this is my year to switch it up. I am going to release the most vulnerable, honest, and compassionate music I have ever released – and I cannot wait for people to hear it!

Another BIG thank you to Meagan for chatting with us today. “Queen” is live NOW on all streaming platforms so go listen and enjoy!