People have finally found out about the hidden gem that is Unusual Demont and it’s glorious.

Wisconsin artist Demontcea Howard (aka Unusual Demont) has been all the internet is talking about over the past few weeks. His 2021 EP titled Hues recently made a timely resurfacing, which reminded me of his promising genius. If you’ve never heard an Demont song, you’re about to. I’d like to highlight his now hit song “AMBER”.

“AMBER” has a sound resembling a co-product of Frank Ocean and Childish Gambino – both soft-spoken, crooning and groovy soul-like production. The chorus is literally something out of Channel Orange. Demont doesn’t mind the comparisons either (I never understand why this angers some artists); he’s been on record saying the whole Hues project is modeled after some of his favorite inspirations (Tame Impala, Rei Ami, Frank, & Tyler to name a few).

The tune starts out with a signature “ah ah ah ah” over a simple drum beat, slowly transitioning to his high-pitched bridge. Enter the chorus: “I told her baby, Don’t you try and chase me, He’ll do so much better, better, better, I told her baby girl, You need to thank me, (Or hate me), He’ll do so much better, better, better”. An obvious signaling that the relationship is failed and it was most likely his fault.

If you like “AMBER” I highly urge you to check out the rest of Hues. It’s fun to think that this is only his first big, complete piece of work and he’s already found his sound. I can’t wait to continue following his journey because I think he will be a musical force in the coming year.

Turn it up and as always, enjoy.