Australian remix master Cabu gives Wafia’s R&B tune a light twist

I told myself a few weeks ago I’d like to make more of an effort to do random pieces like this, showcasing songs that’ve been in my rotation and hopefully shedding light on great artists. This one comes from one of my newest favorite R&B-Electronic fusion pieces.

Its definitely not the first time you’ve seen Wafia’s name on this site and it sure won’t be the last – she just seems to marry her vocals perfectly to whatever is behind them. This time, I’m highlighting her newest single “Wide Open”. The tune was engineered by Australian electronic producer Ta-Ku and features Masego’s signature saxophone and soul.

Remixer Cabu takes the original track and gives it an espresso shot. Yes, the single is already good on it’s own (its Wafia), but I enjoy hearing what other renditions sound like and this one happens to be excellent.


Cabu takes the song from a slow, more emotional journey, to a slightly sped up…well…still emotional journey. What I love so much about Cabu’s edits are that they don’t alter the song structure too much. They never deviate much from the norm. I think about it like this: remember those puzzles in magazines that would have you spot the differences between two similar pictures? Well, that’s what comes to mind with his flips; in this case, I think the most notable difference is the bass kick over the chorus (that and the obvious bpm change).

I think he’s super-talented and doesn’t have a dud in his remix catalog. Definitely looking forward to hearing more from him soon.

Be sure to save this one for the perfect occasion. Enjoy!