Most significant others show their Valentine’s Day affection by a small, yet thoughtful gesture: for some its flowers & Russel Stover Chocolates, and others…well, it’s writing and producing a new single. For LA-based Erik David Hidde, it’s the latter.

Erik David Hidde (now running under the name Prison Escapee) is truly a music powerhouse, running New York label Housewarming Records for a number of years and now creating his own material. 5 full length albums and one more on the way: Precious Moments is about finding that person to spend the rest of your life with. Perfect timing for V-day.

Prison Escapee is giving us a sneak peek into his album with “Preacher’s Daughter,” dropping later today. I tossed Erik a few questions to get his thoughts on signing with Cleopatra Records, living room production, and his new single. A big thank you to Erik!

Entire dialogue below

Deviate: Erik David Hidde! What’s up man?
Prison Escapee: Hey man! I just worked on mixes for new music. So now I am relaxing with my wife… watching MasterChef. I love this show because I cannot cook at all, so my wife does all the cooking. It’s inspiring to watch people be great at something you are terrible at.

Deviate: I know we talked over DM about my -7 degree weather here in Chicago versus your 70 and sunny weather in LA… still a bit jealousHow has the move from New York to LA been for you?
Prison Escapee: It’s been an incredible 6 years here in LA County. I started things in “The Valley” but that was too hot, since I’m used to New York weather, so then I moved to the artistic epicenters, Downtown LA and then Los Feliz/Silverlake. We had a great time there, but we ended up next to the ocean in Downtown Long Beach and couldn’t be happier! If there’s one thing I don’t miss, it’s the bad weather!

Deviate: You ran Housewarming Records for a few years. How has the other side of the business been for you?
Prison Escapee: I started Housewarming to help great musicians get their music out into the world. Then once I committed to getting my music out there, I have to say I much prefer creating over being the outlet for creators. Though I wouldn’t have had it any other way since I formed meaningful relationships through the label.

Deviate: Last year you signed with the legendary Cleopatra Records. Yes, Ghostface Killah, Jimmy Page, Iggy Pop, the list goes on. Explain what this was like for you as an artist?
Prison Escapee: It was honestly an answered prayer… a dream come true. For my first five full lengths and EP, I wanted to self-release as a means to have full control since I ran the label. Then once I realized I could have full creative control and put out music on the same label that some my fav music is on, I had to take the leap of faith and it’s been nothing but a blessing.

Deviate: We are excited to hear you have a new single coming out on Valentine’s Day. Talk to us about the backstory of the record.
Prison Escapee: My sixth full length album, ‘Precious Moments’ is an album about love and marriage. It’s about finding that special person who you can share your fears with, and more importantly, share a life with. It’s about not wanting to die, and never wanting to be apart… true love. The single “Preacher’s Daughter” which is the opener comes out on Valentine’s Day for my wife.

“Preacher’s Daughter” Cover

Deviate: I read that you write and produce everything in your living room… I assume this track is no different?
Prison Escapee: Everything under the Prison Escapee moniker has been written, recorded, produced, mixed and arranged in different living rooms I’ve lived in over the years. I have a special place in my heart for “bedroom music” and in a way, I always want to retain that quality. 

Deviate: What else do you have in store for 2021?
Prison Escapee: I am working on new music since I’m always writing and I’m really looking forward to spending a lot of my free time next to the ocean and enjoying time with my wife. We want to take full advantage of this huge blessing we have in front of us.

Deviate: If you weren’t in music, what industry would you be in? 
Prison Escapee: I would write screenplays, which is something I plan on doing someday. My personal favorite screenwriter is Charlie Kaufman. I would be hard pressed to be as imaginative as him, but I would want to invoke a sense of nostalgia and melancholy through my writing, in a similar fashion that I do with my music. 

Prison Escapee is a romantic… and a Deviate