19-year old Ruel has been on pretty much every run-of-the-mill chill playlist I’ve ever created; however, he is everything but run-of-the-mill.

The Australian-British singer songwriter has been peppering vocally dominated singles over the past year (hopefully gearing up for a full-length album) and he simply isn’t missing. Beginning with “too many feelings” (18M+ streams), then “GROWING UP IS ___” (19M+ streams), and now, as if to welcome in the budding springtime, he gives us “LET THE GRASS GROW”.

The song is the slowest out of the bunch, but also my personal favorite. At only 19, Ruel has developed a knack for storytelling. He also often brings in nature to help him paint an ever-so vivid scene:

“Take the river to the sea,
Drown myself so I don’t sink,
Find my peace there underneath the hurricane
Break a promise so I can leave
Burn a forest so I can sleep
Lay my headstone, let the grass grow over me”

I’m also a fan of the song’s gradual build up, culminating with an a cappella rumination. Take a spin through and let me know what you think.