SoCal native Raye Robinson is back with another juicy single to continue her hot run of teasers off her upcoming EP Crushes & Love Songs.

The tune is called “Prince Charming” and is about taking care of yourself first and looking for that special someone second. The pop ballad is fun and light-hearted, while still zeroing in on expert production. The track is the 4th single off her long-awaited EP and is, so far, my personal favorite (I urge you to listen to “Daisies” as well if you dig this single).

Robinson’s allure comes from her open honesty and her ability to use real life scenarios as the backdrop for her music. Because honesty IS the best policy…

Raye explains how one of her recent dates was the inspiration behind the track:
“He seemed to think that he knew me better than I knew myself and he was always trying to change my mind or prove to me that he was different. As if he would be the exception to the rule. The prince riding in on his horse to break down my doors and show off how chivalrous he could be.”

Her fans can relate to her, which creates a community of talking about life’s uncomfortable situations: something we all need more of. Raye makes these situations go down a little bit smoother and for that we thank her.

“Prince Charming” is out on all platforms now. Stream it up!