Remi Wolf is a vocalist, satirist, comedian, producer, and an all-around creator. Whether you need a good tune or a good laugh, Remi’s got you.

I enjoyed Remi Wolf’s music a decent amount a few months ago… I’d listen to her when I needed a “swifter song” (a quick, picker-upper) or getting out of the shower. That was until I read her Spotify bio…. She’s at a full 10/10 now. Please take the time to read it below.

I mean…. a good read right?

Not only is she a certified clown, she makes pretty great music as well. Remi’s been around music her whole life, from putting on shows for her parents as a kid to performing in her high school band, she’s always had a knack for entertaining. I think one of the crazier facts is that she was on American Idol (and also did REALLY well). You can read to the entire story over at our friend’s The Line Of Best Fit who recently did a Remi Wolf deep dive.

She came out of the American Idol trip with one learning: not for me. Fast forward to 2019 and Remi Wolf explodes on the scene with her debut EP You’re A Dog!, featuring hit tracks “Sauce” and “Rufufus”. Heads were turned as Remi’s display of guitar strums perfectly collided with her all-too-honest vocals. Pop music would never be the same.

Since her jump in 2019, Remi’s garnered praise from top music publications and collaborated on tracks with artists such as Cautious Clay, Dominic Fike, and Still Woozy. She recently released her 2nd EP in the middle of 2020 titled I’m Allergic To Dogs!, and I’d love to highlight her track “Disco Man”.

“Disco Man” is Remi’s ode to the good ol’ days when soul music reigned supreme and disco’s were a Saturday night staple. Irresistible vocals in front of a catchy guitar melody seems to be Remi’s bread and butter and it’s clearly working. I love this tune and have been constantly resorting back to it time and time again.

If you dig “Disco Man”, I recently stumbled on the Little Dragon reboot: a nice little spin on an already classic tune. Turn it up and enjoy your Saturday folks.