Saint WKND makes music that can only be described as universally… well… good. Name the occasion, name your mood; his music fits and it fits well.

German-born Max Seethaler is another artist that built his strong fanbase on Soundcloud. Dating back to 2014 Max was a true streaming pioneer, known for his out-of-the-box “flips” on popular tunes. I remember scouring the depths of the internet, trying to discover unreleased Saint WKND songs. Does anyone else remember his take on “Suga Suga”?

Putting out music for years on Spinnin’ Records and Sony RCA, Saint WKND is now as an indie artist where he’ll look to capitalize on his individual sound. A great example of that is his 2019 tune “Lovelike” feat. LissA.

We reached out to LissA about her take on the track. She had this to say:

“I wrote it in Berlin with Max when I was living there. The song is about a long distance relationship, where you don’t get to see each other a lot, but every time you do it feels like XTC. Although you miss the other person you know it’s better to stay that way and do you for a little. For me, it was going to Berlin and concentrating on my musical career. I knew I would come back in June, but until then I wanted to do me and be free.”

I’m sure we can all identify with this feeling at one point in time. Thanks to SAINT WKND and LissA for making it a little easier to swallow.

If you’re a fan of “Lovelike,” I would recommend you take a spin through the Saint WKND and Jerry Folk “Foreign Affairs Tour Mix” sponsored by Dancing Astronaut. It came out 3 years ago during their tandem tour and remains one of my favorite Saint WKND drops. Link below.

Catch both versions of “Lovelike” below. Torn on which I like better. Enjoy!