I know I speak for everyone when I say festivals need to happen and they need to happen yesterday. I get stuck in rut after rut searching for HD quality festival live sets via Soundcloud, Mixcloud, and 1001 Tracklists, only to uncover 1-2 decent rips.

There are however 5-10 live sets I religiously rely on and keep in rotation. Petit Biscuits 2019 Vieilles Charrues live performance is one of them. An hour and 17 minutes of pure electronic bliss, fueled by an energetic and spirited crowd. What could be better?

For those who have never heard of Vieilles Charrues (like me), I’ll give a quick history lesson. Vieilles Charrues is France’s largest music festival and held in the central city of Carhaix. The fest brings people together through all sorts of genres and artists. I’ve watched the live video below many times and the crowd looks amazing. Maybe I’ll get over there one day…

See the breakdown of the set below!

If you’re in a hurry…

Best Track –> Petit Biscuit – Iceland – Min 12:00 – 15:00
0 – 2:00
19:00 – 22:00
33:00 – 37:00
54:00 – end

More from Petite Biscuit:

I Leave Again – Petit Biscuit
Pick Your Battles – Petit Biscuit (Malaa Remix)
Wake Up – Petit Biscuit (feat. Bipolar Sunshine, Cautious Clay)
Problems – Petit Biscuit (feat. Lido)

Full Tracklist below:

Petit Biscuit – Hang On
Petit Biscuit ft. Lido – Problems
Zedd & Alessia Cara – Stay (Petit Biscuit Remix)
Petit Biscuit – Memories (Live Edit)
Petit Biscuit – Midnight Sky (Evil Edit)
Petit Biscuit – HI ! 【=◈︿◈=
Petit Biscuit – Iceland (Live Edit)
Petit Biscuit – Sunset Lover (Breathtaking Intro)
Petit Biscuit – Sunset Lover
Petit Biscuit – Follow Me
Coldplay – Fix You
Petit Biscuit – Jungle
Petit Biscuit ft. JP Cooper – We Were Young
Petit Biscuit ft. Bipolar Sunshine & Cautious Clay – Wake Up (Evil Edit)
Petit Biscuit – Break Up
Petit Biscuit ft. Skott – Suffer
Petit Biscuit – Demain
Bigflo & Oli X Petit Biscuit – DemainGuest
Petit Biscuit ft. Panama – Waterfall (Live Edit)
Petit Biscuit – Presence
Petit Biscuit – Stranger Things
Petit Biscuit – Sunset Lover (Slow Hours Remix)
Sander van Doorn & Martin Garrix & DVBBS ft. Aleesia – Gold Skies (Petit Biscuit Remix) SPINNIN’