Sebastian Paul makes music that checks 2 of my main boxes: tough to categorize and full of substance.

I’m not sure there a genre surrounding the “angst-pop” classification, but if there is…thats the ticket. If not, I just made up another genre and feel free to use it. He uses

The Colorado-based artist got his start in music unlike most. He told EQUATE Magazine that he hadn’t even considered a pursuing a career in music until he was able 16. It wasn’t until he reached his late teens that he began taking a liking to music and art. He began experimenting with his own sound, which he said “just clicked”.

“I was never one of those instrument-playing savant kids. If you’d ask the younger me what I would be one day, I’d probably say pro athlete or something generic”


He definitely marches to the beat of his own drum. If what he produces isn’t pushing boundaries or making you scratch your head he won’t release it, let alone be satisfied with it. From what I read, he’s been songwriting and making music for a number of years, but directing has been a newer endeavor. This is something that only made him more handy and adept at producing holistically unique work.

Sebastian released “IMPATIENT” earlier this year and has already amassed over 3-million streams on Spotify. I’m sure it also helps having had the Mad Decent label behind you, which he cut ties with a matter of months ago. This track comes to us as his most popular single, not finding a home on his 2019 album “BOY OH BOY”. Although, rumor has it, there’s an entire project on the way.

Paul’s “IMPATIENT” follows a theme of moving on; not being able to “wait for you my entire life”. He then follows up with “I hope you make it to someone who treats you right.” Paul expresses the need to focus on himself, rather than chasing someone who isn’t ready to return the favor. A tale as old as time.

Be sure to check out more of Paul’s work- although his discography only goes back to 2018, it’s rich with emerging talent. I’d start with “IMPATIENT” and then go from there.