I’ve only been plugged into his catalog for the past 2 years or so, but the pedigree of his past few releases has been up there.

This mix is a prime example. I’ll admit I tend to be pro-“live” set (can hear audience roars, probably shittier quality, etc) instead of these stay-at-home, quarantine mixes, but beggars cannot be choosers in this current landscape. That being said, I REALLY enjoy what Shallou put out for Digital Mirage. He even took the time to head to the mountains for a supplemental live shoot of the mix (which can be found below).

I dig multiple aspects his half hour of melodic zen. First, the song assortment: he has plenty of his own projects, a handful of his close friend’s, and even some almighty throwbacks like Porter’s “Lionhearted”. I very nostalgic way to jump into the mix. Second: it truly is a “mix”. For example, he takes Jerro’s vocal-less “Lake Nivu” and applies his own “Make Believe” over it so elegantly. It’s a work of art.

I’m a HUGE fan of how he caps off his half hour as well. You get the recently-signed-bitbird duo of Two Lanes and their perfectly rhythmic track “Wide Awake,” followed by Shallou and Daya’s masterpiece “Older”. I can’t stop playing the last 5 minutes over and over.

Que this mix up on Soundcloud or dissect it track-by-track. Either way, be sure to support it, and above all, enjoy!

If you’re in a hurry…

Best Track –> Petit Biscuit – I Leave Again (feat. Shallou)
4:00 – 7:40
12:15 – 18:29
20:00 – 24:00
27:00 – end

More from Shallou:

shallou – Begin (feat. Wales)
Petit Biscuit, Lido – Problems (Shallou Remix)
Shallou – Silhouettes (feat. Vancouver Sleep Clinic)
Daya – Safe (Shallou Remix)

Full Tracklist Below:

Magical Thinking Intro
Porter Robinson – Lionhearted x Shallou feat. Ashe – Good Together
OTR – Heart (feat. Shallou)
Vignette (Summer VIP)
Kidnap – Moments (feat. Leo Stannard) [Ben Bohmer & Nils Hoffman Remix]
Jerro – Lake Nivu x Shallou – Make Believe
Shallou – Lie (feat. Riah)
Shallou – You and Me
Shallou – Fading
Rufus Du Sol – Eyes
Petit Biscuit – I Leave Again (feat. Shallou)
Leaving Laurel – Need Little, Want Less
Jeremy Zucker, Chelsea Cutler – You Were Good To Me (Shallou Remix)
Two Lanes – Wide Awake
Shallou, Daya – Older