Jon Waltz

24-year old Canadien R&B-Alt Indie Artist Zach Farache (aka Verzache) recently teamed up with Memphis rapper/producer Jon Waltz and the result was utter perfection.

The song is called “Trainwreck” and is a recount of how sometimes the world can be a disaster, but everything will work itself out in the end. The song starts out with crystal clear chords, which slowly turn into MGMT-like synths that hold steady throughout the record.

I’m usually not one for picking apart lyrics, but this was so cleverly done. Everything points to life going to shit, but still moving forward: “The world is on fire, my money is multiplying, they rolling dollar bills up, they order coke diet” or “sometimes life’s overwhelming, breathing is the only thing I know how to do…but I guess I’ve got my head up?”. I love Jon’s mellow take, while Verzache pushes more of the “I think everything will be fine?”


The aspect of Verzache’s music I’m most drawn too is his uncanny ability to stay true to his sound, while still slightly playing in other genres project-to-project. I’m still buzzing off his My Head is a Moshpit project, which gets played weekly. He complements Jon’s production style seamlessly so I hope we can see more down the line.

If you dig Waltz’s tunes as much as we do, we urge you to check out his 2020 single “SAFE”. Also keep your eyes peeled for his album My Golden Horse which drops sometime next month! In the meantime, stream “Trainwreck” and turn it up.