Dirtsa elegantly sums up her debut EP, the French festival circuit, and utilizing the therapeutic nature of songwriting

24-year-old Dirtsa understands what it means to take a leap of faith into the unknown, only recently diving into music full time.

She began releasing music at the beginning of 2020 and already has amassed more than 125K+ streams across streaming platforms. And though she may be labeled a ‘newcomer’ on the scene, she’s no stranger to creating art. Whether it’s creative writing, poetry, or painting, Dirtsa has always used creating as an escape. Her music is in no different in that light.

2020 was riddled with a number of successful singles for the R&B aristocrat. She quickly picked up international coverage from Rap Nation, Ones to Watch, and Fashionably Early, culminating into a recent publishing deal with Cutcraft Music Group (BIA, Chet faker, Izzy Bizu). Dirtsa knew her next stop was an EP; something that would showcase her ability to turn emotion into artistic energy. Enter ALETHEIA’S CALLING.

Watch the 2-Min Talk with Dirtsa below (12min)

A debut EP is never an easy feat to overcome for an artist – questions of how it will sound, will people like it, and will it convey the primary message often accompany the process. However, Dirtsa kept her cool and instead used the project as a form of personal therapy.

I can go ahead and answer those above questions for you – It sounds great, yes people like it, and it definitely conveys what Dirtsa is feeling at any given time. My favorite aspect of the project is how varied it is… 1 minute you’re listening to a high energy, trap-based rap track and the next you have a slow and soulful R&B track. I don’t have a favorite yet, but that’s just a testament to Dirtsa and her music.

Dirtsa joined me on a rainy Monday afternoon to chat through ALETHEIA’S CALLING via The 2-Minute Talk. Live link above or on the Deviate Music Blog IG & Youtube channel.

The 2-Minute Talk covers the following:

Who is Dirtsa, and how did you get into creating music?

Out of all the many festivals you’ve played over the past year, which one was your favorite?

Let’s talk about Aletheia’s Calling, why the name?

Which song sums up you as an artist the most?

Who are your dream collabs?

Go grab the merch. Go grab the exclusive vinyls. And above all else, go stream ALETHEIA’S CALLING. A huge thank you to Dirsta and her team for taking the time to chat with Deviate. As down to earth as they come.